About us

We are present where we are needed.

We are present where we are needed.

The history of WellStepp® Kids dates back to 1984, when Polifoam Kft. was founded. We have achieved success in many areas over the past nearly 40 years, and our foam-based products are deeply rooted in our personal history and experience. We have been constantly developing and improving, always looking for new things and areas where we can make a difference. We are passionate about creating products that make a difference – not just to our customers, but to society as a whole.

Over time, our growth has been driven by quality, new technologies and a people-centred approach. We have responded to the continuously growing demand with investments, upgrading our equipment, buying a new production hall and warehouse. As a result of all of this, we created new workspaces in the region and welcomed new Polifoam members with open arms, many of whom are still colleagues.

Our products have been an integral part of a whole generation’s life, and our mattresses, known as ‘polyfoam’, have since become a standard accessory in kindergartens, schools, gyms and health facilities. I’m sure, dear reader, you also remember PE lessons when the colourful mats were rolled out and the counting of sit-ups and the competition to see who could finally say the higher number began. The memories of summer camps and family trips come to mind, where after the activities, we’d sit down on the mattress and start eating sandwiches and telling stories into the night, laughing so hard our bellies hurt.

We have grown up, and in our busy lives the value of leisure and health has become more and more important, and we are happy to share this experience with our children, so that they can have their own meaningful experiences and make the joy and love of movement an integral part of their lives.

We have recently been developing a new product that is an effective solution for the prevention and treatment of lifelong orthopaedic disorders that may develop in childhood. We are proud to have a team of experts who are committed to creating the best products possible. We believe that WellStepp® Kids will make a significant difference to many children’s lives and we are delighted to be able to contribute to the fun and joyful development of health.