Developmental exercises for 4-6 year olds

Páros gyakorlatsorok óvodások számára
  1. Exercise to help strengthen the foot arch
    Have the child pick up unpaired socks or even small objects with their toes. Have them lift the items into a storage bin (box or basket). While performing the activity, make sure they stay on the mat the whole time.
  2. Exercise to improve focus, but also to strengthen the muscle of the sole of the foot
    Place half the cards on one side of the mat and their pairs on the other side. The child has to match the cards by walking across the mat lengthways and gathering the pairs to one side. It’s easy to play this using memory game cards.
  3. Games to improve fine motor skills and balance
    Have the child pick up scraps of paper using their toes. You can also place the paper balls on 2 sides of the mat.
  4. Other gathering games
    Scatter pieces of paper over the surface of the mat and encourage the child to pick them up while staying on the mat.
  5. Imitation exercises to improve eye-hand coordination
    It’s time to get creative! To relax, play simple imitation exercises. Feel free to involve the child’s hands and feet in the movements, the aim is to keep the child on the mat.
  6. Playful exercises on the WellStepp® mat
    Place 2-2 pieces of 4 different coloured toys on the mat, which the child can collect while walking on the mat and place them in the 4 corners of the mat, grouped by colour.

Younger feet can tire more quickly on uneven surfaces, so it’s important not to force anything, and to keep things playful! You can take a break and gradually increase the time spent on the mat.