Pair work activities for children in kindergarten

Páros gyakorlatsorok óvodások számára
  1. Playing together
    Playing with each other allows children to improve multiple skills. Eye-hand coordination and concentration affect the development of spatial orientation. By doing activities together, the ability to adapt to each other and teamwork also develop.
  2. Ball game
    Have the children face each other on the mat and roll balls to each other on the uneven surface.  Ball games help to improve the spatial and temporal perception and accuracy of movements. It can be fun when the ball bounces in unexpected directions on the gravel pattern!
  3. Sideways steps
    Have the little ones face each other and walk sideways from one end of the mat to the other, holding hands. It’s OK if a step or two is not taking place on the mat!
    Every stepping exercise they do together is a good way to learn to watch each other’s movements, and the concentration makes the time go faster and the exercise on the mat more playful. The game can engage more than one of their senses at the same time.
  4. Jumping with both feet off the ground
    Have the children hold hands and hop forward, performing two-foot jumps, from one end of the mat to the other. Meanwhile, make sure that they try to jump at the same time.
  5. All collaborative tasks help to promote the acceptance of rules and strengthen social skills.
  6. Rolling game
    Have them lie down on the WellStepp® mat and roll across it one after the other. This will massage and stimulate the whole body.
  7. Let’s jump like a frog! Who can hop the furthest?
    Jumping around together, either to music or to claps, has a positive effect on the sense of rhythm and attention control. When carrying out these tasks, it is also important to make sure that the mat is properly secured to the ground, so that it cannot slip, as it may lose its grip on certain surfaces.
  8. Playing together with parents

Feel free to do gymnastics with your child, the gravel patterned surface is beneficial for everyone! As adults, we need our playful, creative, adventurous and enthusiastic selves to lead by example and find common ground with our children.