Developmental exercises for children in kindergarten

Páros gyakorlatsorok óvodások számára
  1. Walking exercises to improve balance and concentration
    Have the child walk across the mat by placing their feet in front of each other as they walk.
  2. Tiptoeing
    Tiptoeing on an uneven surface requires complex concentration.
  3. Walking on the outside of the foot
    Walking on the outside of the foot strengthens your child’s leg muscles.
  4. Walking on heels
    Walking on heels strengthens the legs, knees and spine as well
  5. Sideways steps
    Have your child move along the mat, stepping first to the left and then to the right. During the exercises, encourage them to do the tasks accurately!
  6. Creative steps
    Have the child walk along the mat with different kinds of steps. Use your imagination and come up with creative steps! The idea is to keep the little feet on the mat as long as possible and to thoroughly exercise the feet and soles.
  7. Playful maze
    Let’s make a labyrinth out of toys! Varied sets of exercises make development more exciting!
  8. Game for developing memory and concentration
    Draw on the child’s back with your fingers and ask them to try to draw what you meant on a piece of paper at the other end of the mat.
  9. Games to improve fine motor skills and balance
    Grabbing things with toes develop the child’s sense of balance and strengthen the muscles of the foot arch. Have the child pick up paper balls or even small objects with their toes. Have them lift the items into a storage bin (box or basket). While performing the activity, make sure they stay on the mat the whole time.

Try to make the time spent on the mat as much fun for the child as possible. Encourage them to play freely with their toys on the mat.